About Us

Energy Efficient Solutions, LLC, has been in business since 2001.  “Working today to achieve a greener today and more efficient tomorrow” has been our belief since we opened our doors and remains so today.  We create upgrades to facilities to become more energy efficient thus saving on clients utility cost.  To date we have saved our clients in 9 states more than $5,000,000 (see our counter updated daily on our home page).  Becoming more energy efficient is proven to be advantageous to clients.  Our expertise is in both interior and exterior lighting.  

Our Renewable Energy Division specializes in technologies such as photovoltaic electric and solar hot water.  Also available through Energy Efficient Solutions, LLC, is green plumbing and water efficiency.

Being a full-service ESCO company with vast experience in the lighting and energy efficient market, your facility will benefit directly in becoming more energy efficient.  With our help and expertise we will be able to improve your lighting, increase your energy efficiency while decreasing your energy usage thus your energy cost.
We will do a cost benefit analysis, at no cost to you, on your lighting to see where you can benefit.  Rebates that are relevant to your facility will be researched and the paperwork to receive these benefits will be completed by our company.  As these rebates change from time to time, we will keep you in formed of any additional rebates that may pertain to your individual lighting upgrade.

We at Energy Efficient Solutions, LLC take great pride in the work we perform and are looking forward to creating a proposal for you on your lighting upgrade project.