T8 & T5 Fluorescent

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Savings – Although they consume approximately 50% less energy, T8 & T5HO fixtures maintain a lumen output that is equal or greater than that produced by HID (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium) fixtures.
  • Instant-On Technology – Unlike HID technology, T8 & T5HO systems do not require an initial warm up period.  This instant-on technology allows occupancy sensors to be utilized for further energy savings.
  • High Color Rendition – These fixtures have a CRI of 85 or better.  This brings out all colors and has been shown to         increase productivity and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Superior Lamp Life – Currently rated as high as 32,000 hours.
  • Silent Operation – Unlike HID systems, T8 & T5HO systems do not hum during operation.
  • Color Temperature – Offered in a variety of color temperatures from 3000K to 6500K.  
  • Cooler Operation – They remain cool as light is generated, thus reducing the need for additional cooling costs.
  • Reduced Lumen Depreciation – T8 & T5HO have slower lamp degradation than metal halide or high pressure sodium, which equates to less time spent changing lamps to sustain light levels.