Induction Lighting

Features & Benefits

  • Very Long Life – 100,000 hours rated life translates to significant savings in maintenance costs.
  • High Lumen Output – 2,800 initial lumens (40W lamp) to 18,750 initial lumens (250W lamp).
  • Range Of Input Voltage – each lamp has the ability to operate on voltages ranging from 120 to 277.
  • Gradual Minimal Lumen Depreciation – still at 70% luminosity at end of life means fewer replacements more efficient lighting.
  • Outstanding Color Rendering – CRI of 80 provides for vivid, natural colors.
  • Stable Output – relatively unaffected by fluctuations in line voltage, the induction lamp output remains constant over wide ranges of inputs.
  • Instant-ON Capability – because it does not require warm-up time to come to full luminescence, it can be controlled by occupancy sensors to provide further energy savings.
  • Hot and Cold Operation – performs on a wide range of environments – from -20o to 60o.
  • No Flickering or Noise – a distraction-free option for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Low Mercury – uses only 6 mgs of mercury, a more environmentally-friendly product than other alternatives.