Solar Hot Water System

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Heats your water without burning fossil fuels.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – Once your system is put in service there is little to no maintenance needed.
  • Reduce Your Utility Bills - produce up to 70% of your hot water needs with the sun.
  • Utility Rebates – Your utility company often has financial incentives to help pay for your system.
  • Federal and State Grants – In addition to your utility companies’ incentives, there are several state and federal incentives available to make your SHW system even more cost effective.  Non-profits usually have additional grants.  Corporations have Federal tax credits available.
  • Efficient – up to 90% Efficient.
  • Long Life – Panels are rated for a 30+ year life.
  • Increased Property Value – SHW systems are an upgrade that will raise the value of your property.